The Dawn of a
New Time

The Dawn of a New Time is a movement born from encounters with the four native tribes that live in Santa Marta’s Sierra Nevada, from the indigenous people’s desire to open their hearts and offer their knowledge to the world in order to raise awareness regarding the importance of harmonizing our thoughts, words, actions, relationships, in a word, our lives to regain the natural order and balance our world needs. 


In 2010 the Aluna Foundation gave life to Dawn of a New Time, heeding the call of the Mamos of the Arhuaco people who felt it was time to open themselves to the world and share their wisdom with all of us. 
This gatherings also fill our own need and desire to reconnect with our roots, honor our ancestors, weave ourselves into networks that allow us to awaken our awareness, support the sacred work of our Elders who strive to maintain the balance of the universe and allow us to sustain life on this planet.


In September of 2018, close to 100 people from 14 different countries met with some 250 Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo people alongside a smaller group of natives from the Siona and Kamëntsa of the Putumayo region.
We gathered in the Seykun community located in the Arhuaco Reserve in the Sierra Nevada to share knowledge, cultural practices and ceremonies for health and wellbeing as well as create a dialogue around how we can best come together to restore and safeguard these sacred grounds. 
Once the Seykun gathering was over, a smaller group traveled to Palomino, on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada near the shores of the Caribbean to the Tayrona Reserve, where we visited the Kogi Mamos.

August of 2012

In August of 2012, Kogi Mamas and Sagas met along with Mayan natives from Mexico and Guatemala and over 50 people from various countries in a gathering of Guardians of the Seed of Life in Palomino, Sierra Nevada, the ancestral Kogi land
For 6 days the Mayan elders spoke to us of their prophecies for the year 2012 and taught us about their solar calendar. The Kogi Mamos shared their wisdom regarding how to take care of the seed of life. We held many ceremonies together and visited hallowed grounds

June 2012

In June of 2012, we accompanied a delegation of Kogi Mamos and Arhuacos to Sedona, United States, to take part in a gathering of over 150 people from different countries and visit a Hopi reserve. There, we learned from their culture and paid homage to several sacred sites, including the Grand Canyon in Colorado.


The first gathering was held in August of 2011 in Ikarwa, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in Arhuaco ancestral territory. 350 indigenous people from the Arhuaco and Wiwa tribes, along with spiritual leaders, wise mean and women from Japan, Mexico, United States, New Zealand, Australia and Ecuador, met with 150 people from around 20 different countries. 
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